7th Yazd International Congress and Student Award in Reproductive Medicine & Second Congress of Reproductive Genetics & First Congress of Reproductive Immunology



Professor Aflatoonian massage:

Reproduction is crucial for survival of every society, which all scientific and practical efforts should be gathered in this arena. Yazd reproductive sciences institute with strong support of Yazd Shahid Sadoughi Medical Sciences University honored to hold 7th Yazd International Congress and Student Award in Reproductive Medicine with Second congress of Reproductive Genetics and Congress of Reproductive Immunology.

 I am pleased to thanks all university scientific,executive boards, national and international colleagues help us to organize this congress, also invite students to present their projects in the various field of reproduction such as genetics, immunology and stem cell.  The mission of this congress in 7th award is to upgrade reproductive knowledge especially in students.  As chairman of this congress hope not only this gathering could bring new facts and practice in reproduction, but improve the student knowledge in this field. 

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The Research and Clinical Center for infertility was established in Yazd with attempt of some practitioners in Yazd Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in 1989 and its activity started by the research project entitled "Evaluation the pregnancy rate among infertile couples undergoing IVF cycles". The center was designed to provide the necessary facilities to develop reproductive knowledge in our province and country and treatment of the infertile couples who forced to migrate into European countries. At present , up to 9000 couples refer to this center for infertility treatment annually.

This center was introduced at the end of 2000 by Educational Deputy of Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education as "Academic Pivot for Infertility Education and Research Festival , 2001.  

This center is proud of being adopted as academic pivot for infertility and a reference for those who are interested in learning updated techniques of infertility treatment . Yazd infertility Center is imperious because of doing various studies in different fields such as reproduction and genetics and treating thousands infertile couples using fertility techniques. Up to now , many research activities were performed in this center which mention to them is following.


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