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Immunochemistry in Food

Initiates file downloadAspartame, low-calorie sweeteners and disease: Regulatory safety and epidemiological issues

Initiates file downloadMycotoxins and child health: The need for health risk assessment

Initiates file downloadReview of analytical techniques used in proficiency-testing programs for melamine in animal feed and milk

Initiates file downloadReview on the toxicity, occurrence, metabolism, detoxification, regulations and intake of zearalenone: An oestrogrnic mycotoxin

Initiates file downloadAdvanced glycation endproducts in food and their effects on health

Initiates file downloadMycotoxins: Occurrence, toxicology, and exposure assessment

Initiates file downloadMelamine in milk products in China: Examining the factors that led to deliberate use of the contaminant

Initiates file downloadThe China melamine milk scandal and its implications for food safety regulation

Initiates file downloadThe Maillard reaction and its control during food processing. The potential of emerging technologies

Initiates file downloadPredicting mycotoxins in foods: A review

Initiates file downloadFood processing a tool to pesticide residue dissipation

Initiates file downloadRelationship between antioxidants and acrylamide formation: A review

Initiates file downloadChemical safety of meat and meat products

Initiates file downloadMelamine contamination

Initiates file downloadDioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls contamination in poultry liver related to food safety: A review

Initiates file downloadBrief Review of the Occurrence, Use, and Safety of Food-Related Nanomaterials

Initiates file downloadA Review of the Studies of the Safety of polydextrose in food

Initiates file downloadEnvironmental chemicals in human milk: a review of levels, infant exposures and health, and guidance for future research

Initiates file downloadReview of aspects pertaining to food contamination by polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, dibenzofurans, and biphenyls at the farm level

Initiates file downloadApplication of flow injection analysis for determining sulphites in food and beverages: A review

Initiates file downloadMycotoxin food and feed regulation and the specific case of ochratoxin A: a review of the worldwide status

Initiates file downloadA review of analytical methods for the determination of aminoglycoside and macrolide residues in food matrices

Initiates file downloadReview of selenium toxicity in the aquatic food chain

Initiates file downloadSelenium in food and the human body: A review

Initiates file downloadAnalytical strategies to evaluate antioxidants in food: a review

Initiates file downloadAnalysis and Speciation of Traces of Arsenic in Environmental,

Initiates file downloadMycotoxins in food systems in Sub Saharan Africa: A review

Initiates file downloadToxicological evaluation of proteins introduced into food crops

Initiates file downloadFood safety implications of ochratoxin A in animal-derived food products

Initiates file downloadDioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls contamination in poultry liver related to food safety e A review

Initiates file downloadRapid and standardized methods for detection of foodborne pathogens and mycotoxins on fresh produce

Initiates file downloadFumonisins in plant-origin food and fodder–a review

Initiates file downloadThe chemistry and analysis of annatto food colouring:a review

Initiates file downloadDioxins and PCBs in feed and food—Review fromEuropean perspective