Yazd Electromagnetic Health Study

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Yazd Electromagnetic Health Study, known as MOSAMA in Persian (MOtale-e SAlamat Meydan-haye Electromeghnatis), is an ongoing population based longitudinal study trying to assess the effects of the electromagnetic waves on people residing in Yazd city which is located in central Iran. With the increasing use of electronic instruments, numerous research groups are formed all over the world to investigate the health outcome of exposure to electromagnetic field specially low frequency range (non-ionizing). With the rapid growth in the use of electronic equipment, such as cordless instruments, mobile phones, microwave ovens, telecommunication antennas, high voltage electrical towers, etc., investigation of the effects of electromagnetic fields on human body will become more important.

In MOSAMA, we will measure some electromagnetic parameters in order to study the effects of electromagnetic waves on 10000 people who participated in Yazd Health Study. Various health outcomes will be recorded after wash out period of six months using Yazd integrated electronic health information system.